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Codecademy 26 Day Streak


I wonder what percentage of  blogs are born of new year’s resolutions?  Not that that is my reason for starting a blog (I already have one for my travels, it languishes). No, my 2013 resolution(I only ever commit to one per year, easier to remember) – is to learn coding/programming and try and do at least some little bit every day.

In relation to that, check out my current streak on Codecademy. I started on January 1st and have done at least a little bit each day. I don’t care too much about points, or badges, but for some reason this streak is having me coming back for more.

I actually started Codecademy last year. 2012 was their ‘Code Year’ and they had a lot of promotion going around about their free course – so much so that I think even the Mayor of NYC signed up. Anyway – coding was something I had been learning bits and pieces of for ages so I thought it would be good to try.

I actually loved their interface, although many of their original drafts of the lessons have since been usurped by better versions. Their jQuery course especially has improved, the first iteration was way too confusing and almost had me quitting, while the new course I found almost too easy.

Doing a bit of Codecademy each day is not hard – all you need to do to keep your streak going is to do one exercise and get one point. In some cases, this could take as little as two minutes, so it is an easy thing to keep up with. I also put an alarm on my phone each day to make sure I don’t lose my streak (overkill? Why do I care about this again?).




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