Resources for Learning To Code

These are some of the resources I have used in my quest to learn coding. The vast majority of them are free.

General Schools (Cover a lot of different things)

  • Codecademy which I have written about here and which covers a number of different languages
  • Treehouse which I have written about  here, which covers a number of different areas
  • W3 Schools- Massively useful library of web developer knowledge
  • StackOverflow - a forum I use a lot already
  • After hours programming
  • which references a number of other coding resources I haven’t gone through yet. They were the makers of this video
  • Lynda - which I used a lot last year, learning the principles of Object Oriented Programming and  DataBase design. But I discontinued my subscription because I was trying too many different things and couldn’t afford them all. I will definitely sign up again in the future.
  • SmashingMagazine - I like to read these articles, but it scares me how much I don’t know.
  • CodeSchool -
  • Coursera
  • Code Conquest – as suggested by FreshSqueaks
  • - I haven’t looked around it tooo much, but I have used this great CSS best practices tute.

Getting Your Head Around Git

Ruby Resources I liked 

Ruby on Rails Resources I liked

Learning Regex

  • I started out with this tutorial.
  • I used this regex engine to help me work through examples.
  • This series from Luna Metrics on regex, helped me better understand lots of different expressions, by relating it to something I understand – Google Analytics.
  • This regex game helped me cement my knowledge (It’s fab, try it!)


Testing in Rails

Computer Science Courses Online

At RubyConf2014, at a speech about “Alternative paths to becoming a software engineer”, many of the audience participants who had taken a computer science degree noted that it was the first few subjects on the basics of CS, which were the most valuable. I want to do some of those subjects online, and these were recommended;

  • Stanford
  • Richard Buckland of UNSW did a series of his CS lectures on YouTube
  • I might try this Udacity one





The schools listed above mostly have CSS courses, but in addition:

Pears is a collection of common patterns of HTML and CSS styles.

Shay Howe has a more advanced CSS tutorial.

Layout confuses me, so I might need to read this 100 times: Learn Layout

Not learning resources, but get your apps styled quicker, in a cookie cutter way;


Learning how to use WordPress better

Other Random Resources and Tools 

It never ends!