High Tea React App Deployed on AWS

I am inordinately proud of a React App I just built.

It is an update of one of the first Rails Apps I ever made, and that I still use to this day – my app to rate high teas.

This new version (note: there is a bug that means you have to wait or reload, must fix) is a React app that pulls data from my old version via an API. I then deployed it onto AWS S3. The code can be found here, but some details that I want to point out are:

  • I was originally very bamboozled by how to set up a JS project, thus I recorded some notes here.
  • I used webpack to bundle it up, and then deployed the dist folder to an s3 bucket on AWS with: aws s3 sync dist/ s3://high-tea --acl public-read --delete --profile profileName 
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