Starting at General Assembly

General Assembly, Learning to codeLast night I had my first class at General Assembly Sydney. The 10 week course started last week, but I was in Shanghai, so missed the first 2 lessons. Yesterday, the teacher Ben allowed me to come to class 2 hours early to try and catch up a bit.

He took me through how the classes will run and use Git (nightmare!), and got me started on my homework. He also offered to help me again today – so, my first impressions of the course are excellent – very supportive.

The other thing I like about the course is that all the materials are being used through GitHub. This means I HAVE to learn how to use it, and hopefully by the end of the 10 weeks I will be comfortable with it.

There are 7 people in my class, so we have a good teacher/pupil ratio, and the classes are 3 hours on Monday and Wednesday night (agggh Masterchef!).

So, the first two lessons last week were about the basics of the terminal, how to use Git and then an introduction to Ruby. My first class was about Ruby conditionals, arrays and hashes. Up until hashes I think I was semi-fine…then I hit hashes, and my brain fell to pieces. I hope it was just because it was the end of a long day. In any case, the teacher sent us a follow up message after the class saying it’s cool if we were a bit confused, not to hate on ourselves, and that we’ll go over it a bit more on Wednesday. I suspect this message was almost completely for me.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow nights class, not only to get a better handle on hashes, but also because afterwards I am going to head straight down to the casino for this weeks Messina special – salted caramel and chocolate gelato.

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