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Working on Open Source

For the next few months I will be blogging on another site alongside this as part of a new project I am working on.  After just over a year of learning ruby, I am going to start getting involved in open source ruby software! I will be participating in Rails Girls Summer of Code working on the Spree Ecommerce platform with one of the core contributors as my mentor.

I am so excited to be working on a real world piece of ruby software, and ecommerce is particularly good for me, as I already work with so many online store owners.

I never imagined that ‘newbies’ could be at all useful in contributing to open source, and would never have even tried if it hadn’t been for Rails Girls. I hope that I can both learn a lot AND contribute valuable work to the project.

So far we have had one meeting with our mentor and have set up our project blog. It is using Octopress – the free blogging platform for ‘hackers’. Our first post is about how we set up our blog on there, so if you want to know how to use Octopress, you might find it helpful.

UPDATE: we soon abandoned Octopress due to difficulties we had sharing the blog between 2 users. We are now using Ghost and will have our domain up and running soon. (In the meantime you can find it here, posts by me will be marked as such).

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