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How it looks matters

I’m not good at design, and for some reason I believe this is an innate thing that won’t change about me. I can’t imagine getting better at design, and I also don’t have the drive. (Example A, this website. Example B, my high tea app, and so on and so forth).

However, I have come to accept that I need things I build to look some basic level of decent, or no one will use them. I can take ages making a little site that does something amazing to some user input, but invariably when I show it to someone they will say something like “Can you make it look better?”, “Maybe put some images?”. And I’ll huff and puff and get annoyed and say – who cares what it LOOKS LIKE, look what it can do!!!

But, the fact is. People prefer things that look nice, and sometimes that look even makes it easier to use and understand.

I’m not thinking I’m going to get great at design any time, but there is this tiny tutorial I’ve looked at many times, and I’m posting it here to remember it when I need a reminder to make the design of my things just a bit less crap -¬†

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Why on earth would you want to be less tough on yourself?

When you make a mistake at work, in a social situation, with parenting, whatever, do you accept it and move on? Or do you beat yourself up about it?

Maybe you don’t even recognise that you’re being hard on yourself. You just think you’re showing self awareness and self-discipline. Maybe you think it’s normal to excessively dwell on mistakes you’ve made, and self-indulgent to go easy on yourself.

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Backing up your database from Heroku

I’m writing a quick post on this, because every time I do it I fck around for a while and eventually get it – so this time I am writing my steps!

And yes, I know there is documentation on Heroku, but it never quite works for me. So!

  1. Make sure you have a database created and migrated into which you are going to put your backup
  2. Capture a backup with $heroku pg:backups capture --app rails-girls-events
  3. It will give you a backup id, which you can use in the next command to get the public url of that backup $heroku pg:backups public-url b006 --app rails-girls-events
  4. When you visit that url, it will download to your machine
  5. Use the path to that download to upload it $pg_restore --verbose --clean --no-acl --no-owner -h localhost -U tracymusung -d your-data-base-name path-to-your-download


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Learning to Count Again – As a Programmer

Posting once a month on a blog is not a big commitment, but somehow I managed to not post at all in February and have only just scraped in for March. If anyone other than myself were holding me to account, my excuses would include that I went to Ruby Conf, I went to Japan for 2 and a half weeks, and that I have been busy organising the next Sydney Rails Girls. I would also say that I have not been idle programming and learning-wise. In fact, the¬†point of this blog was to be a record of things I learnt – so I wanted to note that I read Steven Frank’s book “How to Count”. I read this book because at the recent Ruby Conf it was recommended to me during a Go Programming workshop run by Katrina Owen.

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