At the beginning of 2013 I made a new years resolution to learn to code. I set up this site to use as a testing ground for my newly acquired skills, to record my progress and to note down things I’ve learned. I wanted  to remind myself of difficult concepts and list the resources that have helped me.

As of August 2014, I started working as a full time ruby developer. My transition to becoming a coder was hugely helped by the community of ruby developers in Australia, and in an effort to give back I’m a volunteer coordinator for ‘Rails Girls Sydney‘ and the ‘Ruby or Rails Oceania‘ monthly meetup.

I want to be able to create things people can use. I want to make my ideas a reality. I want to contribute to causes I care about through open source. (In May 2015 I pitched an idea for an app to help locate your nearest bubbler, to reduce plastic water bottle wastage. My team went on to win the event. )

You can find me on Twitter or Github. Or you can view my CV here.