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How it looks matters

I’m not good at design, and for some reason I believe this is an innate thing that won’t change about me. I can’t imagine getting better at design, and I also don’t have the drive. (Example A, this website. Example B, my high tea app, and so on and so forth).

However, I have come to accept that I need things I build to look some basic level of decent, or no one will use them. I can take ages making a little site that does something amazing to some user input, but invariably when I show it to someone they will say something like “Can you make it look better?”, “Maybe put some images?”. And I’ll huff and puff and get annoyed and say – who cares what it LOOKS LIKE, look what it can do!!!

But, the fact is. People prefer things that look nice, and sometimes that look even makes it easier to use and understand.

I’m not thinking I’m going to get great at design any time, but there is this tiny tutorial I’ve looked at many times, and I’m posting it here to remember it when I need a reminder to make the design of my things just a bit less crap -

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