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On Getting Better at CSS

Over the last month or so I’ve been making a concerted effort to up my skills in CSS. This is because I’ve had to do a bit of it at work, and to be honest, if no one was making me do it, I wouldn’t have made the effort to get better at it. At my last job, I never had to do it, so I kind of forgot about it’s existence.

But, now I’m glad I made the effort, because CSS is not going away, and it’s better to know something, than not.

Of course, I am not an expert yet, but I wanted to list out the things that I’ve been using this last month, because they really have increased my confidence in my CSS skills.

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Some Unit Testing Advice

This is just a quick paste of the summary screen from a 2013 talk by Sandi Metz about testing. I’m just pasting it here as a reminder to me of her overall message, and also so that I remember to keep going back and watching this video again and again as I learn more about testing. I want to make sure that I keep remembering her recommendations of simplicity, to make sure my tests don’t become too cumbersome or unmaintainable.

(Note that for when she is talking about ‘Expect to send’, she is talking about using a mock)

Unit  Testing Tips


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