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Various Ruby Concepts

I’ve been doing some more online Ruby revision and tutorials and have been making a note of a few things here and there which I think I need help to get stuck in my head.

Actually, I think I will be learning a lot faster from now on as — big news — this week I started my first dev job, so I am learning and developing full time! Already I have learnt so much that I don’t think the following notes are even that important anymore, but I had already written them down, so I am just publishing them.

This week already I have been coding up some things for work and getting experience in using git more (nightmare). I’m amazed that I am actually contributing something already one week in. I am enjoying it so much, and it isn’t as overwhelming and scary as I thought it would be. Or maybe I have just got some excellent managers (they actually do seem pretty good). I have been eased in, learnt a lot already and also feeling like I am contributing. It feels amazing.

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