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All Quiet on the Coding Front

Now, I haven’t been posting on here in a long time. Not since the day I tried to overcome my fear of CSS by replicating the Google search box page (still impressed with myself, but don’t even try and look at it on mobile, I haven’t got that far yet).

I have NOT given up on my coding practice, I have just been taking a break. That’s because I had self-diagnosed myself as having RSI…which I found out I don’t have after seeing the physio. It was actually really painful, and I could only do about 4 hours on the computer a day..that unfortunately had to be work time, and so I had no time to practice my coding or write on this blog.

Coding armadillo

The Author of this blog

My physio has told me it is actually a back problem caused by tension and bad posture, which has gotten so bad that now I am losing strength in my right arm! I am basically turning into an armadillo. (All bent over and tense)

Anyway – I haven’t been sitting around doing nothing. I have been ploughing through the Treehouse videos which require very little of me – just watching videos and doing a few quizzes. I am currently doing the “Become a Developer” course, which starts off with html and css, dips into the console, then focuses on Ruby the rest of the time. I am about halfway through all the Ruby stuff, and I am loving it. I am giving up on Python for a while, and concentrating on Ruby.

These are my plans for the immediate future:

  • Finish the Developer course
  • Do the Ruby course in Codecademy to get the practice in
  • Use the Treehouse course to create my own web app on this very same domain! (exciting, this might take a while though).
  • Then do the Become a PHP Developer course
  • CodeSchool Ruby modules (see below)

Let’s see…I wonder if I can have all this done within the next month? Let’s give me a deadline of end of April.

(Note, with exercises, my arm is getting better, so I think I should be ok to get through this!)

I just found another thing to add!

CodeSchool’s Ruby modules. CodeSchool costs $25 per month, but there are two introductory Ruby courses I can do for free. They have been quite well branded – one cute cartoony one and a ┬ázombie one. If I like them, then I don’t think $25 per month is going to be too expensive to keep going.


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